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Posted on April 22, 2012
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Do you live in a large populated city like Phoenix Arizona, Los Angeles California or any city in the United States? Despite the decline in burglary rates for the past two years, home security systems are still in demand. 2008, when the US economy was in a slump, saw one of the highest annual rates for burglary with more than 2.2 million cases and an average loss of $1,600 per victimized household. Homeowners would not let their guards down, knowing that there are people out there who would really break into their residence like the proverbial thief in the night.

Home security alarm measures are as varied as the households that employ them. Some prefer doing the simple precaution of installing additional deadbolts to their doors. Some keep guard dogs while others maintain their house to deter burglars from ransacking them. Of course, there are also homeowners who prefer to go more modern with alarms and monitoring systems.

Home security systems are a more preferred choice over the traditional methods of guarding residences such as dogs and guns. Why? Modern alarm systems do not entail responsibilities unlike keeping a dog or gun. More importantly, they can be used for other emergencies such as fire or paramedic.

Burglary is a crime of opportunity and by having a constantly monitored residence, homeowners are giving crooks no chance to carry out their plans. No matter what category of homeowner you are—the pragmatist, the caring family person, or someone who just does not want anyone to mess up with your property—you are on this page because you are aware of the need to have a home security system and you want to know more about it.

How home security systems work

A home security system is as simple as it sounds: a set of devices which set off an alarm when somebody attempts to intrude a property; but with a few additions of course. Alarm systems are enabled/disable by a control panel. Plus, many of today’s high performance systems are wireless and are controllable by a small remote keychain. Most importantly, the alarms that ADT produces are linked to a monitoring center which contacts homeowners and authorities during possible burglaries.

Reducing false alarms

False alarms are the reasons why some homeowners are pessimistic about home security systems. But monitoring companies have found a way to minimize such occurrences. First of all, the control panels are much simpler so alarms can quickly be disabled if they are set off accidentally. Then, there are pet-friendly home security systems for pets that are below 80 pounds. Third, monitoring centers contact homeowners when an alarm has been triggered to confirm if it has not been accidental.

Improving reliability and connectivity

Home security systems do not have to rely on landline anymore or electricity to work. The presence of power backups and wireless connectivity make today’s alarm more reliable. You can now have indefatigable, reliable, and 24-hour monitored alarms. So even if you are away from home, you have a good reason to be worry-free thanks to a home security system you can count on.

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Monitoring and alarm systems should be a part of your list for home essentials. With no way to know when opportunist burglars will strike, the best you thing to do is install alarms that will deter and intimidate them. Get you home security systems from Your Alarm Now.

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